To channel excess energy

⦁ Allow the child to work in various positions.
⦁ Give them the chance to move; create an “Officer for Heavy Boxes” position (and plan out a route).
⦁ Do not cut recess.
⦁ Encourage physical activity.
⦁ Give them a stress ball.
⦁ Create a physical marker for their workspace: a rug or line drawn on the floor.
⦁ Allow them to sit on an inflatable cushion or ball.

To calm down

⦁ Set up a visual signal linked to your tone of voice.
⦁ Prepare a “wind-down zone” with soft cushions, a variable light source with slow rhythms, lavender essential oil, headphones for music, a heavy blanket, a rug, and a cardboard house/isolation box.
⦁ Integrate physical objects they can manipulate: a heavy object they can place on themselves during their daily activities such as a heavy vest while reading, a stuffed animal on their legs while eating, or heavy gloves while writing.