Reading Detectives Program

Reading Detectives is a program focused on fun and interactive workshops. It is designed to promote the motivation and skills of children with reading difficulties who attend grades 3 and 4. The program also includes an important component focusing on improving social skills.

Reading Detectives essentially uses a play-based learning approach. While it was designed for children with ADHD in mind, it works equally well with other children. The program’s activities allow participants to move around and use their whole body. Since 2007, many participants have used the lessons they learned in this program to build their confidence and motivation.

Reading is a fundamental skill for any type of learning. A child who enjoys reading will be open to learning for their whole life.

The program comes with a manual and a USB thumb drive that includes all the reproducible content you need. The program manual and USB drive are available for a fee of $75. Contact us at [email protected] to find out how you can get them.

Download our brochure or visit the Facebook page for more details about this program:

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